For the professional / social media content creator. 

The new version of the PRO SERIES lenses includes a brand new way of attaching filters to the lenses with a solid and reliable thread, along with a new focal length for the WIDE ANGLE LENS. 

CPL filter is always included with the V2 lenses.

Nothing helps give your landscape shot a more forboding sense of tension than a darker, more menacing-looking sky. The same could be said of shots inside where you’re aiming to create a sinister atmosphere. A good CPL filter will enable you to do just this without making the scenario look unnatural.

A definite "must-have" for videophotography, get that light sensitivity and shutter speed just right, to create that "cinematic feel" to your creations. 

- Released mid 2019 

"Tailored for the professionals - aimed towards video photography"