STEP UP RING (62mm) - For Anamorphic 1.33 (V2)

10 EUR


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Artikelnummer: STEP-2

Now its possible to combine your SLR- & DSLR filters with your smartphone, with this STEP UP RING (62mm)! 

Why would you want one of these adapters? 

When you want to use a filter on a lens with a smaller filter thread size, you want a step-up adapter ring.
A step-up filter adapter ring is a simple glass-less ring with male threads (for your lens) and larger size female threads (for your filter). The step up ring screws onto your lens from SV ASSETS, and the filter screws onto the STEP UP RING. 
It is as simple as that.

- Use your SLR- & DSLR filters on your smartphone! Extend your capabilities further with this STEP UP RING, customized for the V2 - SV ASSET lenses


- Use this STEP UP RING with 62mm filters 

- Fits the Anamorphic 1.33 - Pro Series V2

- Have a different filter size?
Dont worry! Our STEP UP RING can be used with other DSLR Filter adapters (Step up rings) on the market. Since we use the same tread size & thread picth on our STEP UP RING from SV ASSETS. 

- Filters not included! Needs to be purchased separatly

- Images may differ from actual product.