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Included in the box: 

✔. Travel bag
✔. Universal clip
✔. Microfiber cloth
✔. Lens cap
✔. Lens hood

Main advantages:

✔. Decrease the focus distance drastically on your smartphone, allowing you to get alot closer to your subject
Minimum focus distance: 10-15mm 
✔. 10x Zoom Factor

- Create unique content with your smartphone


The MACRO LENS – PRO SERIES (25mm - 10x) is the professional MACRO LENS from SV ASSETS.
This lens will increase your confidence and capabilities to produce better photos and videos for your professional user cases.

The MACRO lens (10x zoom) enables you to capture the rich details of everything you see. Giving you a new perspective on what things can look like with the 10x zoom factor.

The PRO Lenses from SV ASSETS is built from high quality material and from high quality optical glass. 
Keeping the image sharp all the way out to its corners, and overall enhancing both colour and contrast.
It will give your smartphone the “DSLR feel”.
The PRO series lenses is highly recommended to use together with the SV ASSETS dedicated phone case, for an even better experience. Furthermore, the universal clip allows you to use the lens together with your other smart handheld devices. 


- The main difference between our PRO- & STANDARD series lenses is in the manufacturing process of the optics itself.
The Pro series lenses comes with even more “protective coatings”, which reduces glare further and enhances colour saturation & contrast.

However, all our lenses is carefully manufactured & built from high quality materials.

- We highly recommended to use all our lenses together with the SV ASSETS dedicated phone case, for an even better experience.

- Phone case not included.

- Images may differ from actual product.

Side notes: 
Our lenses is compatible with most smartphones - an universal clip is always included with our Premium Lenses.
The list below is an example, and is not complete, if you didnt see your phone in the list, please contact us, and we will get back to you with an definite answer.
- Samsung series S7 (All models), Samsung S8 (All models), Samsung S9 (All models), Samsung S10 (All models)
- Iphone 5 (All models), Iphone 6 (All models), Iphone 7 (All models), Iphone 8 (All models), Iphone X (All models)
- Huawei P20 (All models), Huawei P30 (All models)
- Nokia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 (All models except Nokia 9 series)
- Xiaomi (All models)